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Get your Merriweather bugs fixed!

If you have a bug that you want fixed this is an ideal time to report it but it would be best if you tried using the new version to see if it is already fixed! A very large collection … Continue reading

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The updated free Merriweather is finally available from Font Squirrel

The updated Merriweather Serif is available to download from Font Squirrel. It hashas much improved screen rendering and support for Cyrillic; better Latin language support for Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Azerbaijani and many others that had been missing before. … Continue reading


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Merriweather ST is coming

After discussing the possibility that commercially licensable version of Merriweather might be in technical conflict with the Google version we agreed that this kind of edition of Merriweather would need to be re-named. I have decided the new name will … Continue reading

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Font Hinting mystery/discovery

Perhaps the most exciting part of the new Merriweather release ( 12/26/2013) for me is a font developer geek discovery. I seem to have found a way of passing manual hinting into the auto-hinter TTFA. TTFA is what hints 99% … Continue reading

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Merriweather Serif with Cyrillic, extended Latin, and hinting has shipped to Google!

Merriweather version 1.5 with Cyrillic, extended Cyrillic, and extended Latin – and hinting – has shipped to Google! There may be some improvements to the italics so their weight is a bit better with the romans in the next month … Continue reading

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Merriweather Italic is live

The italics for the serif version of Merriweather are live!

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Merriweather Italic has shipped to Google

Merriweather Italic has shipped to Google. It supports a wide range of languages and is hinted with TTFA for better legibility on Windows and in FreeType. This edition comes in 4 weights: light, regular, bold and heavy. A revised version … Continue reading

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New fonts coming soon!

A new edition of Merriweather is coming in the form of 3 fonts. There will be a new improved Regular, a Light, and a Bold. The Regular and the Light are alpha releases which I don’t expect to revise. The … Continue reading

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An update the the font is coming soon!

An update to the font is coming soon! There will also be a new post about how the next version of Merriweather is different ( and better! ) and how it looks in a variety of browsers and applications. I … Continue reading

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Big changes!

There have been some big changes for Merriweather in the the last week! First, Merriweather’s financial sponsor (Google) have asked me make a sans serif companion to the serif family already underway. They also want to increase the number of … Continue reading

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