Big changes!

There have been some big changes for Merriweather in the the last week!

First, Merriweather’s financial sponsor (Google) have asked me make a sans serif companion to the serif family already underway. They also want to increase the number of weights& styles available from the usual four to eight. For the Roman or upright and the Italic there will now be a Light and a Black weight in addition to the Regular and the Bold . This is great news because it will make the family far more flexible and versatile.

Here is a full listing with the added styles in bold:

MW Serif Regular*
MW Serif Bold
MW Serif Italic
MW Serif Bold Italic

MW Serif Light
MW Serif Light italic
MW Serif Black
MW Serif Black Italic


MW Sans Regular
MW Sans Italic
MW Sans Bold
MW Sans Bold Italic

MW Sans Light
MW Sans Light Itlaic
MW Sans Black
MW Sans BIack Italic

*Note: This one is posted to the Google Font Directory already but it will be replaced with a new improved version

Now that the next leg of financial support is coming this also means that the silence is ending and there will be far more postings here, on Flickr and on Twitter talking about and showing what is happening behind the scenes as the Merriweather project gets properly underway!

Unfortunately there is bad news as well. With the shift in focus there will be no Greek, Cyrillic and Arabic until sometime in 2012 at the very soonest.

In my next post I will explain how you can participate in making Merriweather better.

About Merriweather

Merriweather: a type family being developed by Eben Sorkin.
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4 Responses to Big changes!

  1. fontsquirrel says:

    Wonderful news! Looking forward to hosting your complete families.

    • saltlakejohn says:

      I like MERRIWEATHER greatly. Nice balance and rhythm. The serifs are fresh — with a little bit of taper to the slabs. Currently, I use Bonum (a Bookman Old Style), but MERRIWEATHER Regular could improve my screen pages. I like best, partly because of the “kit” convenience, but mainly because of how easy it is to subset a font and reduce the file-sizes. I don’t need all those UTF glyphs; the chance of someone needing to browse me in the Cyrillic alphabet is slim. Also, I like having the font files on my own server, independent of any offsite link.

      Thank you, Eben, and thanks to Google for sponsoring typography for all.

  2. I love Merriweather, happy to hear you are adding to the family.

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