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  1. Jay Collier says:

    Thanks for your great work!

    When I download the font, install it into OS 10.6 Font Book, and then select Merriweather in Photoshop Elements, I get different characters than the ones I typed.

    Example: Maine becomes —OWbS.

    Works great in other apps.

    Any suggestions?

    • Merriweather says:

      I am not sure what is causing that but my guess is that it could be an encoding issue so I will change the encoding to try to fix it. I will try to reproduce the bug this week so I can find a solution.

  2. Jay Collier says:

    Thanks for looking into this! I can’t wait to use Merriweather in PSE.

  3. Jay Collier says:

    I just downloaded the packages with the new weights … great!

    Just FYI, Light, Bold, and Black weights render correctly in Photoshop Elements, but the Regular still transposes different characters from what was entered.

    • Merriweather says:

      I am sorry. I thought I had that problem solved. I will look at trying to fix this again in the next edition. That edition is coming fairly quickly – there are some other issues I am dealing with in that as well. Then HINTING!

  4. Jay Collier says:

    Thank you!

  5. Benjamin says:

    Love it if you added horizontal ellipsis to the the character set.

    • Merriweather says:

      Happily that is now in there! 🙂

      This update sadly had to delete a new glyphs used by Eastern European languages but it adds horizontal ellipsis and many other glyphs normally font in fonts with both the Windows ANSI encoding and the Mac Roman encodings.

      I would love to see what you use Merriweather for BTW!

      • wzad says:

        Found Merriweather because I saw it in use on this site

        Looks great!

      • Merriweather says:

        Thanks for showing me this! That is a very sophisticated looking site. It is fascinating to see what people do with the font. With the new hinted version that’s coming I hope to see it in more body text too. If you have any more URLs to share please do post them. Thanks!

  6. ejsiddiqui says:

    Great attention to detail, Thanks Eben.

  7. Ian Fraiser says:

    I’ve been looking for a desktop version of the updated Merriweather because I’ve found a TTF on before. I’d like to be able to use it for Photoshop mockups and such. Is there a place that has the newest version for desktop download?

    • Merriweather says:

      There are a few different answers to this question depending on your needs.

      – I will send you a OTF by email for your own use today.
      – If you want a professional version with kerning and which is optimized for print and which has open type features like Small Caps and capital specific punctuation you will have to wait for a print optimized version to be sold which will happen sometime in the next 6 months.
      – The version I am sending you will be available from Google and other sources sometime in the next month.

      • Ian Fraiser says:

        I’d love to have that OTF if you don’t mind. I looked at Google and couldn’t find the desktop version. If you could email me at ian /at/ Sorry for the spam email address, but I don’t want to leave myself open to ‘bots. Thanks!

      • 93 Octane says:

        Hello, we would also love to purchase an OTF version for ourselves and our client may need a few copies. Is this available yet? If yes, can you please email me how to do this? You can reach me at adam /at/ thanks very much!

  8. Hi there, I am trying to select a new company typeface, and Merriweather is one of the options on the table. Naturally though, we’d need italic. I have the set that was previously available under SIL OFL. Have you decided yet what license the paid pro version will be released under? That makes a pretty significant impact on my decision. Really what I’d mostly need soon is italic (I haven’t decided on regular or light). Print kerning is great but not as urgent. (Not sure if the OTF version you mention in the post prior includes italic.)

    • Merriweather says:

      I have not decided what license the paid version will be under. It may be a EULA like the one the the Village Type foundry uses or it may be the SIL license. Do you feel strongly about it? If so why? I am quite interested. It sounds like having the font work well on web browsers is your main concern. Is that correct? The italic is going quite well now. I am hoping to have the final tests done on the italic and have the font available starting in mid-July.

      • Wow, thank you for asking! As a designer I feel very strongly about licenses. I could rant about them for hours. I certainly support your choice to use whatever you like though, as you put in the work. Is there an SIL license that allows you to charge?? I didn’t locate a Village Type license.

        Anyhow, a huge chunk of the licenses out there from the main foundries are completely unusable in my opinion, for typical needs. Want to post a PDF on your website, or email a PDF flyer (even if password-protected)? Nope, sorry, that requires an extended license, which you have to jump through hoops to even ask them for a quote on. Some make your head hurt trying to determine if your document is considered “commercial.” Try asking a foundry to clarify a section, and they ignore the question or tell you to consult your copyright attorney. Many big printing services do not allow password-protected files. Ever tried to ask one of them to verify they have their own legitimate license in order to process your document, as is sometimes required? That frequently gets nowhere, and is difficult to ask at the design stage anyhow, when you might be going through lots of options. It is difficult enough to manage all of these separate restrictions on my own, with my thick binders full of documentation. Clients do not understand. Hardly anyone seems to realize they are considered software, so no we can’t just share them. So, I really, really try to only use those that let me do my job without stress or having to explain to a client that they aren’t allowed to post a PDF excerpt on their website of the print book we just made so beautiful. ‘Tis frustrating. As long as I can make a PDF and send it to the places it needs to go, I am happy!

        I actually have no need for web usage.

  9. Merriweather says:

    Wow! I had no idea! Thanks for letting me know!

  10. So where can I download it? The link goes to google fonts and that just seems to display it, cant download from there?

    • Merriweather says:

      That part of the site does seem a little confusing to me too. The idea they have is that

      a) you don’t have to download it. You can use it as a service instead. So if you add it to your “cart” then they offer you code to use the font in your web page.

      b) Then, if you really want to download it you can do that as well.

      But it is a bit of a process.

      You may find this site easier to deal with

      A web search will show you many other sites too.

  11. 0gres says:

    I prefer OpenType fonts over TrueType fonts, and I want to convert Merriweather to OpenType. May I have your permission to use your Reserved Font Name for the resulting OpenType fonts?

  12. Can you please make a TTF version of the Sans?
    I really really like the fonts. I got TTFs of the serifs.
    But I can’t find any TTF version of Sans.
    I really need this for a project.
    Thank you 😀

  13. I would like an extra light version of the fonts- both serif and sans.
    Can you make it? Is there any charge?

  14. Merriweather says:

    I have hairline and extra light versions but I have not released them yet. I will be making those available to license. I have not decided what a single weight will cost. I do know that there will be discounts for each additional style you buy. So for instance if one weight is $45 USD then two weights would be $80 and so on. How light do you want them to be?

  15. Merriweather says:

    When these fonts become available to license I’ll post on this site.

  16. Great work, the typeface is really nice and very readable as well. I’d love to use it for a new web project I’m working on right now.

    However, I’m frustrated by the fact that Google (or anyone else, for that matter) doesn’t provide the latin-extended character set. Please correct me if I’m mistaken.

    I’m willing to give self-hosting the font a try. Someone’s already posted the link to Merriweather italic ttf here; would you mind posting links (or emailing me the files personally) for regular and bold weights with the extended character set?

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Merriweather says:

      There is a new version of the original serifed Merriweather coming that covers many more languages. It also renders better because it is hinted. I have been working on the final heaviest weight over the last week. It will be released very soon – probably in the next week. When it is I can email the files to you to self-host. Will you send me a URL of the site you will use it in?

  17. Thanks, that’s really nice of you. I’ll gladly send you the URL when the site is finished – hopefully by the end of the month.

  18. bland328 says:

    Very nice work on Merriweather, Eben! Thank you!

    I’ve run into a problem, and I’m hoping someone here might be able to help.

    I’m attempting to build a site mockup in Illustrator, using various flavors of Merriweather downloaded from Google using SkyFonts.

    That is working quite well, except that Illustrator CS6 (under Windows 7 x64) offers Merriweather Light, Bold and Heavy, but not Regular.

    The SkyFonts application lists the Merriweather regular font as available, the skyfonts-google folder lists “Merriweather regular.ttf”, and double-clicking that ttf file previews the font properly, and lists it as being version 1.003.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on how I might coerce the regular weight into appearing in Illustrator CS6?

    • bland328 says:

      I have a little more information that I’m pretty sure is relevant: when I double click the Merriweather 300.ttf file, the Windows font preview window appropriately calls it “Merriweather Light”.

      Windows also appropriately calls Merriweather 700.ttf “Merriweather Bold” and calls Merriweather 900.ttf “Merriweather Heavy”.

      When I double click Merriweather regular.ttf, however, Windows properly previews what LOOKS like the regular weight, but incorrectly calls it “Merriweather Light”.

      So, my take is that something is not quite right with the Merriweather regular.ttf file, leaving Windows or Illustrator to struggle with colliding font names, since I have two weights of Merriweather both considered by Windows to be called “Merriweather Light”.

      Either that, or some metadata on my system has gone awry at some level.

      Does anyone have any thoughts?

      • Merriweather says:

        I have no idea why SKyfonts isn’t doing the right thing.

        I have a couple of ideas to get around the problem.

        I could email you the old regular to use for now.

        I can be in touch with Skyfonts.

        But also, a new edition of this font is a week or two away. When the new one is shipped to Google I think it will be 1 -2 weeks before it goes live.

        One of the things I am thinking of doing is pushing updates out to all the places you can get these fonts including SkyFonts. That way the right fonts will get to everyone faster.

        May I see what you are making?

  19. bland328 says:

    To be fair, I’m not sure that Skyfonts is misbehaving. After more experimentation this morning, I’m suspecting that it was the light font file spoiling things.

    Or, something about my system, which is fairly new and clean, but who knows?

    I’ll let you know what I learn as I experiment more, but for the time being, the regular weight is working fine now that I’ve removed the light file from the skyfonts-google folder.

    As for what I’m making, as soon as it is far enough along to look like something comprehensible, I’m happy to share! 🙂

  20. Antonis Christofides says:

    The link leads to a 404.

  21. erikbolstad says:

    Hi Eben!

    I’d like to use Merriweather for a book (non-commercial, part of a youth health initiative). Would it be possible to get the OTF files from you?

    I know that you must have been asked this question multiple times, but when do you think Merriweather ST will be available?

    • Merriweather says:

      I can send you the Google version today. I am adding one more weight to the ST and preparing it for a group of web font services. I am happy to license the ST versions that are done now. I do expect to keep improving them slightly over the next year as I expand the family further. I need to post images of what you get with the ST versions!

  22. Hello Eben,

    I’m also working on a print project and would appreciate the most up-t0-date OTF of Merriweather. Would you be able to send it my way?

    Also, a quick question about the Merriweather version I downloaded from Font Squirrel. It seems as if the hyphens and dashes ride a little high compared to the x-height. Is this by design? I printed out some copy set in Merriweather and it’s pretty clear that hyphens and dashes are set quite high. Is this fixed in the updated version or is it not a design error?

    Thanks for all your hard work!

    • Merriweather says:

      The hyphens are fixed in the new version. I have heard about some possible name table issues that I need to investigate before I push out this version to more people. With that fixed I expect I will push the new Google version to Font Squirrel. What are you making with Merriweather? Also, at the risk of getting to sales-y do you need more weights or kerning or additional styles of numbers for the project you are doing?

      • Thanks for the quick response! The project is a brochure for a health media and publishing company. I’d very much like Merriweather to be their corporate face, and and am willing to consider paying extra for additional weights and numeral styles. I guess those are included in Merriweather ST? Anyway, it’s hard for me to read any copy set in Merriweather because the hypens are so distracting! 😉 If you could have the updated fonts ready soon for public dispersal that would be amazing!

        Thanks so much!

  23. Merriweather says:

    I’ll do my best to get The Google version up on Font Squirrel soon. I’ll also work on a post for this blog showing the features of the paid license so that is easy to see and understand.

    • What do you mean by “Google” version? I downloaded Merriweather TTF from Google Fonts and its hyphens and dashes were also set too high. Is there something I’m missing? Is there an available version with the corrected hyphens? Thanks!

  24. Merriweather says:

    Sorry – I mean the new improved Google version. That version is not yet downloadable. But it will be in a few days.

    • Thanks, Eben! How suitable would you say the Google Fonts TTF version is for print?

      • Merriweather says:

        It depends on how they will be used. For casual or personal use they may be 100% fine. The more money involved and the more complex the information is the more it may make sense to go get the ST version. Let me break this down using the features found in the ST version to illustrate some reasons to care or not care.

        Weights/Styles – Different styles in a typeface can change the feeling of what is being presented. The heaviest weights may feel a bit more emphatic. The lighter ones can feel more gentle. Really thin ones may be useful in fashion related text to suggest elegance. If the feeling in the free versions isn’t quite tuned to your needs more weights be what you need.

        Weights and styles are also used to indicate the role a bit of text has. For instance in a magazine or other editorial content you have a lot of possible roles: a headline, deck, body copy, pull quotes, captions, byline, kicker and more. Different styles can be used along with color and size to help indicate these roles.

        Kerning – Kerning is an adjustment to spacing between letters in a particular context. So for instance in the word “Today” you would ideally want the o to tuck under the T a little. These adjustments are there to keep the text looking smooth and even. To keep the file size down the free version for Google does not have kerning. This makes web site load faster but the little gaps and clashes you get may not be suitable for serious print projects. This is because smoother text inspires more confidence than rougher text does. It just looks more proper and serious.

        Contextual shapes – The ST version includes letters that make subtle adjustments to the letters around them. This is done for the same reason as kerning – It creates a smoother text that is more pleasant to read.

        Number styles – Numbers styles are used to help the figures either blend into the text better or to pop them out. The hybrid style which is a default is in between. Some numbers styles have specific functions in mind as well.

        Old style numbers blend into text the best. They rise and fall like lower case letters. If you have a text such as a history with a lot of numbers mixed in you may want them to be old style so that the numbers don’t visually interrupt the text.

        Lining numbers are cap height. In situations such as a recipe book you may want tabular numbers so that the numbers do pop or separate from the body text.

        Tabular numbers can be either old style and or lining. They are different because they share the same width which lets them all line up evenly. Business reports often call for this style of number.

        Fractions – The ST version let’s you have any possible fraction. 23424/78009 is fine!

        Superiors – These are useful in academic work when citing a reference.

        Inferiors or subscript – These are useful for math and for chemical formulas.

        I hope this is helpful!

  25. Thanks, Eben, for the detailed overview! When do you expect Merriweather ST to become available? What do you think the price point would be for the complete family?

    In the meantime, do you expect the soon-to-be-updated FontSquirrel version to have expanded kerning tables? I noticed there was only a handful for each weight. Or is expanded kerning pairs only for the ST version?

    Thanks, again!

  26. Merriweather says:

    The revised Google version of the font will not have kerning.

    The price for the ST version for print will depend on how many people will have a license.

    1 person is different than 20 or 100!

    Web use will come from dedicated web font services and is coming quite soon.

    This price list is for 1 person. Prices are in USD and are for members of the same family whatever combinnation of italic and roman suits you. These prices include all updates and refinements that are made to the design.

    1 style is $50

    2 styles are $75

    4 styles are $150

    6 styles are $175

    8 styles are $250

    12 styles are $300

    The full family in 26 styles is $600

    If you get both complete families ( Serif and Sans) it is $1,150.

  27. Eben, will Merriweather ST have true small caps?

    • Merriweather says:

      ST will not have small caps in the 1st release but they are coming and will be free for anyone who gets a license before ether are added.

  28. Merriweather says:

    In its first release it will not have true small caps. I have been focused on Cyrillic. But it will get them over the next few months. Because Merriweather covers so many languages the Small Caps are actually a big job! However Merriweather ST must have them! So they are definitely coming.

  29. Love Merriweather! There’s just one thing that I find it strange: Romanian characters like ”ș” (s with comma below) or ”ț” (t with comma below) only seem to be available in the italic versions! Why is that and do you have any plans to add these latin characters?

    • I saw that other people seem to have the same problem. I’ll probably serve the font from my own site, but where can I get the latest version??

      • Merriweather says:

        I will be posting the update in the next week or so to various sites. I can email you a copy to test at your gmail address. Will that work?

    • Merriweather says:

      I have added this but Google has not served the update yet. The difference is historical. We made the original without support for Romanian and started adding it with the development of the italic. Then The roman got it too but was not updated @ Google.

  30. Yes, please send me the updated font, I’m very excited about it but sad that Google still hasn’t updated yet. Merriweather is really the only serif web font worth using – better than Droid serif and Georgia.

  31. Merriweather says:

    I have a lot of deep respect for Georgia. But thank you! I’ll send it along soon.

  32. Hi, I am noticing that Merriweather (downloaded from Font Squirrel) displays differently on a PC and a Mac and prints differently as well. I was wondering if you (or anyone else) had found that to be true. And if so, do you have a work around? Thanks!

    • Merriweather says:

      The basic Roman Merriweather that Fontsquirrel, Google and Typekit have has no hinting. The version that will get pushed out next will have it which will make the rendering better. The hinting will make mac & PC rendering more similar. The Serif Italic and Merriweather Sans Roman and Italic all have hinting. You could see how these perform to get a sense of what is coming. However there will always be some differences in the way that fonts render on Mac & PC until they use use the same rendering engine. 😛

      In terms of printing – are you getting different printing from Mac & PC? If you are that would be very surprising. Different laser printers often print a bit differently. Are you using the same printer in both cases?

  33. Is there any alternative download available? The version hosted on Google Fonts is still missing some Polish characters. I would be awesome if we could get the proper version.

  34. I would like to use Merriweather in a Microsoft Word document. Word seems to have problems to recognize the styles, either I get faux italic or lately it displays the italic style for the regular font style. Is that a known problem and can it be fixed somehow?

    • It’s only with PC (Word 2010), Mac works fine.

    • Merriweather says:

      There are a bunch of MS office version specific fixes that need be put in. I have recently figured out how to make them so they work in all version. It was quite complicated. I expect to have that fix along with several others in the version that goes to Google and Font Squirrel next. I will be harvesting contact information from the people who have written in and sending them updates directly when the update goes out – so you will be on that list. I will also announce here when the files are available.

  35. Great thanks! 🙂
    Is the issue also present in the new Merriweather ST-version?

  36. Merriweather says:

    It was in the original ST version – yes. I had to do a lot of testing to eliminate the last bugs.

  37. I’d really love to use Merriweather for a book I’m designing, will the print optimized version of the typeface be available anytime in the near future??

    • Merriweather says:

      Yes. The updated build of the Roman was completed early this week. We are checking the kerning the OpenType features this week. We will probably be making some adjustments to kerning here & there and then barring any other suprises making the print version available by the end of next week. The next task will be to make adjustments to the Italics because we have found that we like the spacing slightly wider. You can get a similar effect by tracking the italic slightly but we want the default to be more to our liking. After that we will move on to add Small Caps and a set of condensed versions. I am also considering inferior and superior letters, discretionary ligatures, alternative style sets for some letters and the question mark, some ornaments and a even a little bit more language support – maybe for African languages and for contemporary Greek.

      • Hello, I’d be happy to get that mail notification, too, as I want to use the font on a website and match the printed stuff…
        But I have discovered another issue: the regular font-weight doesn’t show up in MS Office and Libreoffice as well. It’s not listed, there are only light, bold and heavy, and chosing Merriweather causes Merriweather light is selected.
        Merriweather 400 italic is working (there are 4 styles listed), with Merriweather Sans, everything is fine (listed as “book” for 300 and “regular” for 400), too, just that one I can’t get access to.
        Thanks in advance!

      • I’m sorry, I have to post twice…
        I used the downloadlink above from and now I can access every font-weight in LibreOffice (although the light one has no name, there is an empty label to click for it) , but still no support in MS Office: false italics, two font-weights named bold (and both the 700), and the “standard” is now no longer 300, but 400 and 300 is not accesible…

        I hope, that will be helpfull to find the bugs and not just an annoying complaint. Really appreciate your work!

      • Merriweather says:

        The new versions don’t have this problem anymore. We were able to develop a way around the bug.

      • Where can I get the new version from? I’m currently using the version from Google-Fonts with the same problem. On Windows either the regular- or the light-style isn’t accessible.

        Btw: Thanks for the font – it’s really great.

      • Merriweather says:

        I am sorry the most recent update is taking so long to get out. I hope to have it out very very soon. The problem you describe along with thousands of other improvements is in the new version. I’ll email you and the others on the list as soon as it is available.

  38. Hello!

    Is there any other way to get the improved (webfont, at least) Merriweather? besides waiting (and waiting) for months to be updated to Google Fonts & FontSquirrel…
    I’ve liked the font a lot, due to its proportions and style, being IMHO one of the best serif free fonts available, if not the best. But didn’t like its lack of support for Romanian & other languages, in the old version, which has been for a lot of time on GF & FSq. And after it got corrected a while ago, I cannot find the good one anywhere (as it happended, for instance, with Lato, which has always been downloadable from their site, and only a short while ago got finally updated on GF).

    And a second question: is the ST version available for purchase only on the dying [retiring] WebInk, will it be also available from other shops/wf-hosts?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Merriweather says:

      Both the paid and free versions are in a mastering process stat is almost complete. Happily the technical logjam at Google is now taken care of so when this set is done it should be a week or possibly less before it make it to live status. I will also make sure that the other top sites get seeded as well.

  39. The version at Google Fonts doesn’t have some characters, any chance they will be added in the future? Most noticeably some characters with caron.

    • Merriweather says:

      These will be added quite soon. I’ll make an announcement here when they are live. If you follow this wordpress site you’ll get an email when it happens.

  40. Merriweather says:

    Also Adobe Typekit and other services will have the updated free and pro versions.

  41. j_nils says:


    I recently installed the Merriweather font family on my Mac (OS X Yosemite) due to its modern, simple look with serifs. It just looks beautiful.

    Although, I know that the original purpose is better legibility on a screen, I would like to use it for print documents as well. Curiously, when attempting to print in 10pt, the font does very strange things (enormous character spacing for 10pt) despite it looking fine on screen. Due to its larger typeface, in print the font looks larger than it needs to. So, I thought reducing it to 10pt would roughly equal the size of a TimesNewRoman 12pt. Are there any solutions for my printing problem?

    Thank you!

    • Merriweather says:

      I am working on finding a reason for this bug now. I suspect that when the next version ships the bug will be gone but I have not been able to reproduce the bug yet to be 100% sure. What program are you using when the spacing goes wide in print? How different from the screen is it? I will certainly send you an update as soon as there is one. I am working on figuring out when that will be. I hope it will be a week or so from now but there are a few more things to check before i can say that’s definitely true.

      • j_nils says:

        Thanks for looking into this.

        It occurred when using Scrivener, Microsoft Word, and Pages. I looked into it myself a little further: After having installed the font from different sources (the available versions seem to differ significantly), it currently seems to be affecting only the italic, heavy, and bold instances. These are versions 1.003 or 1.001. The light instance (Version 1.276) seems fine. I’ll try to locate the 1.276 versions of the other instances and will let you know who those work.

        I hope this helps in identifying the error.

        PS: where would I be able to download the latest version? – I somehow couldn’t locate downloads on google… – might be just me…

  42. j_nils says:

    sorry forgot to mention: it not only creates unexpected spacing, it also seems to shrink the font by at least half…

  43. Just a question. Does Meerinweather support polish language? I installed it but there are some letters missing like “ś” and “ć” 😦

  44. Hello!
    Where can I download the latest version of Merriweather? WebINK stops and Google Font does not have all typefaces. 😦

    • Merriweather says:

      As of today you can’t have them. This should be fixed soon because updates are doing to Font Squirrel, Google, Adobe-TypeKit etc. however some of the styles will only be available as paid/licensable fonts as part of the ST version.

  45. Merriweather says:

    I don’t administer the web sites so I can’t be sure how soon exactly but It looks like I will be send them the free version sometime this week. Hopefully they will make it live a day or two later.

  46. Can’t wait to see the new versions live :), as this discussion is ongoing for more than a year and a half…

  47. Hello
    I wanna ask if Merriweather & Merriweather Sans have support for Russian language specifically.
    Also, in google fonts I can only get Latin and Latin Extended character set. Shouldn’t also Cyrillic be there?

    • Merriweather says:

      Unfortunately Google have still not updated the serif roman. The new edition does support Cyrillic but you have to get it from Font squirrel for now. I’ll post here when I know Google have updated the serif. The Sans has no Cyrillic yet.

  48. ;( still missing some polish characters.

  49. m_bartholomew says:

    I just discovered Merriweather and really like it. Where is the pro (ST) version available to purchase?

    • Merriweather says:

      For now the ST version is available as a private purchase rather than something from a web site. I can email you and we can discuss if this works for you.

      • Is this still the case? Could you use the contact form at & let me know the licensing specifics for me as the sôle user for 1 website (the aforementioned Mecury Photo)?

        Unrelated, but will or does ST support ordinals?

      • Merriweather says:

        The ST version may become available again this year. Rather than extending it we are rebuilding it from scratch in 3+ optical versions. The editions I am thinking about are Display, Headline, Text, Caption and Micro.The middle 3 are the most likely. In this version we will have ordinals for sure.

  50. Hi, really like this font and would like to use it online/offline, however when I print with it on a laser printer the text comes out looking all distorted: any ideas on a way to fix this?

    • Merriweather says:

      Try deleting the version of Merriweather you have and downloading the font fresh from Google or Font Squirrel. The old version had hinting that working for web browser but broke in print as you describe. Our testing seems to show that this bug is fixed in the new version. If you are still having trouble please let me know and I can send you PS flavored OTFs for print use.

  51. Hello, please fix the error in your Cyrillic Merriweather font. The letter “Ы” in your font looks like “lb”, but should looks like “bl”. Thank you!

  52. Kirk Brocas says:

    Fantastic. I’m cleaning my web viewing with stylish to change ALL fonts to Merriweather!

  53. Hi, I’m planning to use Merriweather prominently on my new website, and I’m looking for a way to use kerning (my name kind of makes that a necessity…). Does any of the available editions contain kerning information for web use? Google Fonts at least doesn’t seem to do that.

    • Merriweather says:

      That’s true as of now. I think some limited kerning will be added in the next year (2018) and W+ other letters will be a big part of that!

  54. Hi! Is it possible to use merryweather in Catalan for both Iphone/Ipad and Windows7?

  55. Please consider a condensed version of Merriweather, it would be great.

  56. Any progress on an ST version? BTW, I’ve finished the relaunch & use Merriweather extensively — let me know what you think!

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