Get your Merriweather bugs fixed!

If you have a bug that you want fixed this is an ideal time to report it but it would be best if you tried using the new version to see if it is already fixed!

A very large collection of fixes and changes has been added to the version of Merriweather here:

A new formal release and addition to the Google web fonts collection has not been made yet but will be soon.
Similarly if you have a wish list of things you want Merriweather to include or just do better I would love to hear about that.
The improvements and changes most people will notice in the new version are that:
  • the Word spaces are slightly tighter. This was done because high resolution screens and TTFA hinting mean that a wide word space doesn’t help with rendering any more.
  • There are lining figures. These are figures that all shaper a common height and are as high as capital letters.
  • The weights of the italic and roman match each other more closely. Like the word space question the previous design choice is made less valuable with better screens and TTFA hinting.
  • Vietnamese support now exists in the font although not all the rendering bugs are taken care of yet. With luck that will be solved before a formal release
  • The Question mark is less eccentric now.
  • Duck feet quotes e.g. ‹Hi››Hi‹«Hi»»Hi« are now less wide. This was done in part for the same reason as the word space but also because ether were requests for this change.
  • Cyrillic using languages are now better covered and the long fixed but not published and frustrating bug with the letter Yeru or “Ы or “еры” is fixed.

A comprehensive list of changes in in the Github.

Thanks to everyone who has requested fixes and improvements and to everyone who has sent me examples of their work using Merriweather. I hope to update this site to include examples that I was particularly happy with at some point.



About Merriweather

Merriweather: a type family being developed by Eben Sorkin.
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5 Responses to Get your Merriweather bugs fixed!

  1. Chris J. Zähller says:

    Very happy to see the inclusion of lining figures. Are they proportional or tabular? Both would be welcome additions.

    When installing the OTF files on MAC OS X High Sierra, I get the following warning for all 8 fonts: “Serious problems were found with these fonts and may cause system problems or even crashes if installed.”

  2. Chris J. Zähller says:

    Followup: same warning for TTF.

  3. Chris J. Zähller says:

    OK, turns out if you install from ~/Desktop, the error goes away.

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