Get your Merriweather bugs fixed!

If you have a bug that you want fixed this is an ideal time to report it but it would be best if you tried using the new version to see if it is already fixed!

A very large collection of fixes and changes has been added to the version of Merriweather here:

A new formal release and addition to the Google web fonts collection has not been made yet but will be soon.
Similarly if you have a wish list of things you want Merriweather to include or just do better I would love to hear about that.
The improvements and changes most people will notice in the new version are that:
  • the Word spaces are slightly tighter. This was done because high resolution screens and TTFA hinting mean that a wide word space doesn’t help with rendering any more.
  • There are lining figures. These are figures that all shaper a common height and are as high as capital letters.
  • The weights of the italic and roman match each other more closely. Like the word space question the previous design choice is made less valuable with better screens and TTFA hinting.
  • Vietnamese support now exists in the font although not all the rendering bugs are taken care of yet. With luck that will be solved before a formal release
  • The Question mark is less eccentric now.
  • Duck feet quotes e.g. ‹Hi››Hi‹«Hi»»Hi« are now less wide. This was done in part for the same reason as the word space but also because ether were requests for this change.
  • Cyrillic using languages are now better covered and the long fixed but not published and frustrating bug with the letter Yeru or “Ы or “еры” is fixed.

A comprehensive list of changes in in the Github.

Thanks to everyone who has requested fixes and improvements and to everyone who has sent me examples of their work using Merriweather. I hope to update this site to include examples that I was particularly happy with at some point.


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The updated free Merriweather is finally available from Font Squirrel

FestinaThe updated Merriweather Serif is available to download from Font Squirrel.

It hashas much improved screen rendering and support for Cyrillic; better Latin language support for Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Azerbaijani and many others that had been missing before. I am still missing IPA (Phonetics), many African languages, Pinyin and Vietnamese and a few others. I would also like to add Greek. I look forward to adding these.

I hope to have this version live with Google and Adobe Typekit soon.

The Github repo is here:





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The Pro Merriweather (Merriweather ST) is now available at WebInk

I am very happy to announce that Merriweather Serif and Sans are available from WebInk’s web font service.  There are now 52 styles to choose from (up from 16 on Google’s Web Fonts). The fonts come with kerning, Open Type features like multiple number styles, contextual alternatives, ligatures and even more language and currency support.

Still to come: Small caps, condensed styles and maybe expanded styles will be coming along as well. I will also see if I can get Vietnamese supported.

As with other announcements I encourage you to let me know what you are happy about and what you are not. It would be great to hear what you would like to see added too!

Just yesterday I found some fixes I need to make and push to this edition. Hopefully by the end of the week or possibly sooner they will be live. WebInk has been great about pushing fixes. Thanks WebInk!

Here are links to the fonts

Here is an interview they kindly did with me as well

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Merriweather ST is coming

After discussing the possibility that commercially licensable version of Merriweather might be in technical conflict with the Google version we agreed that this kind of edition of Merriweather would need to be re-named. I have decided the new name will be Merriweather ST. This may be relevant soon.

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Font Hinting mystery/discovery

Perhaps the most exciting part of the new Merriweather release ( 12/26/2013) for me is a font developer geek discovery. I seem to have found a way of passing manual hinting into the auto-hinter TTFA. TTFA is what hints 99% of the font. It does a great job. But for the lower case g and the capital letter Ef if Cyrillic I was not happy. By passing manual hinting through TTFA I was able to get rendering of both letters to improve in Windows XP and Windows 7. This means even higher quality is possible for people using TTFA. I will be working to find out precisely how & why this happens with the author of TTFA Werner Lemberg so more people can take advantage of it. In the meantime if you want to try this – manually hint a glyph – say the ‘g’ for instance and then check the ‘pre-hinting’ checkbox in the GUI of TTFA. I’ll be interested to hear what people discover.

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Merriweather Serif with Cyrillic, extended Latin, and hinting has shipped to Google!

Merriweather version 1.5 with Cyrillic, extended Cyrillic, and extended Latin – and hinting – has shipped to Google! There may be some improvements to the italics so their weight is a bit better with the romans in the next month but this is a huge upgrade in usability. I am very excited to see how people use it. This version also has support for Romanian and Moldovian localization in Open type features. A variety of bugs were also killed in this release especially the colon ‘:’ bug in bold. Although I suspect that nobody will notice nearly every glyph is improved in some way in this edition.

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Where do you use Merriweather?

I have found some really pleasing uses of Merriweather over the last few years. I would love to show you a few I particularly like.

I also wonder where you use Merriweather or what uses you think are good ones. Please post some URLs!


Google ventures –

WordPress –

Methodologie –

Kerem –

Camp Sharrow –

March 6th 2014 – a few more



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Cyrillics update – 2 images

cyrillic glyphs

cyrillic glyphs

Merriweather substituted

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Merriweather will come with Extended Cyrillic not just the basic Cyrillic.

I am happy to say that Merriweather will come with Extended Cyrillic not just the basic Cyrillic. Images of the Cyrillic glyphs should start being posted this week.

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Old vs New : Merriweather on Windows

This is a preview showing the new TTFA hinted rendering I am getting today. Although the new serif Merriweather offers a huge range of improvements over the old including a much larger glyphs set to support more languages, better print performance, prettier letters;  the biggest difference for most people will be the way it renders in Windows. These samples are from IE8 running in Windows 7. I should note that rendering is better on the Mac OS X as well although I won’t be showing images of this in this post.

Note: You may need to click on the images to see them at full size



Here we see 8px in the current version (June 24 2013) and on the right the one that is coming soon. We can see that while the new one may not be lovely it is now readable.

Note: Some readers may need to click on the images to see them at full size

new9pxIEWin7Here the main improvement is to the “g” although the height of the hyphen and the shape of the @ sign is better as well.


At 10px the new version shows increased regularity in height. The new version is usable whereas the old version was not. The clarity of the strokes is also increased.

new10pxaccentIEWin7The image above shows  new support for more languages and the clarity of the new diacritics.


The 11px sample shows perhaps the least difference but even here the text reads slightly more easily on the right. The @ sign is clearly better. Hopefully the top of the 5 can be lifted in the final version.


To me 12px was the size at which the old Merriweather began to look ok. The new version begins to show some of the letter details like the improved K R T S { } along with the improved ascender clarity and overall improved cohesion. The type feels more solid and more reliable now.


At 13px the subtle raising of the x height becomes suddenly very obvious. In text this gives a more newspaper-like feeling. Even with the loss of whitespace between lines I find this easier to read. The changes to the shapes of ? { } are especially apparent as well.



At 14px the the slight lowering of the capitals which was done to better fit diacritics becomes obvious. The improvement to overall clarity of the new version is also on display.



Although at 16px the differences are minimizing the improvements to spacing are evident along with a subtle improvement to overall clarity. The slash in the ø Ø are less heavy and better looking in the new version.






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