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The updated free Merriweather is finally available from Font Squirrel

The updated Merriweather Serif is available to download from Font Squirrel. It hashas much improved screen rendering and support for Cyrillic; better Latin language support for Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Azerbaijani and many others that had been missing before. … Continue reading


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The Pro Merriweather (Merriweather ST) is now available at WebInk

I am very happy to announce that Merriweather Serif and Sans are available from WebInk’s web font service.  There are now 52 styles to choose from (up from 16 on Google’s Web Fonts). The fonts come with kerning, Open Type … Continue reading

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Where do you use Merriweather?

I have found some really pleasing uses of Merriweather over the last few years. I would love to show you a few I particularly like. I also wonder where you use Merriweather or what uses you think are good ones. … Continue reading

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Cyrillics update – 2 images

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Merriweather will come with Extended Cyrillic not just the basic Cyrillic.

I am happy to say that Merriweather will come with Extended Cyrillic not just the basic Cyrillic. Images of the Cyrillic glyphs should start being posted this week.

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Old vs New : Merriweather on Windows

This is a preview showing the new TTFA hinted rendering I am getting today. Although the new serif Merriweather offers a huge range of improvements over the old including a much larger glyphs set to support more languages, better print … Continue reading

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Merriweather Sans Italics are live

Merriweather Sans Italics are live Merriweather Sans Italics have been added by Google. They are live. 🙂 If anyone has URLs to show me how they are using this addition please let me know!

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Cyrillics are coming to Merriweather and Merriweather Italic

Cyrillics are coming to Merriweather and Merriweather Italic. I will post images as I make progress.

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Merriweather Italic is live

The italics for the serif version of Merriweather are live!

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The Sans Serif italics have shipped to Google.

The Sans Serif italics have shipped to Google. I am not sure when they will go live as usual but perhaps sometime in the next week or two. Although as always I still see things I would like to improve … Continue reading

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