Merriweather Italic has shipped to Google

Merriweather Italic has shipped to Google. It supports a wide range of languages and is hinted with TTFA for better legibility on Windows and in FreeType. This edition comes in 4 weights: light, regular, bold and heavy.

A revised version of the original Serif design will be next followed by Merriweather Sans Italic.


About Merriweather

Merriweather: a type family being developed by Eben Sorkin.
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24 Responses to Merriweather Italic has shipped to Google

  1. Can you give us the TTF files?

  2. Merriweather says:

    I don’t have a downloadable file server associated with this site. Do you have a web page that shows your email address?

  3. My email address is ianlopez_90/at/

  4. Does this help (link to Google Code): ?

  5. Wowser, I finished a draft of a design yesterday with Merriweather and was just looking to add some sections in Italic when I discovered, damn, no Italic!

    And now there is!!

    Great work, any idea how long before it’ll actually be up on Google Fonts? I don’t see it yet

    • Merriweather says:

      My guess is a week or two. I’ll do what I can on my end to make it a week. Do you do your own font hosting?

      • I generally use a service, usually Typekit or Fontdeck but frequently Google as well, depending on what I need. I’m working for a site that has a limited budget (as in, none!) but they are keen to make a donation for fonts/services/etc for the right thing and they love the typography as much as I do. Is there a way for them to donate? (the site is not for profit, at all).

        I have no problem with hosting myself though, is that a better option?

  6. Awesome news 🙂 Very much looking forward to it,

  7. ashtarbalynestry says:

    Can you send me a zip file with all the fonts in the Merriweather font family? My email address is

  8. Hi Eben, got your DM but couldn’t reply via Twitter.

    It’s matt AT


  9. 0gres says:

    For anyone desperate for Merriweather Italic, click here to download it (regular weight only).

  10. ianlopez90 says:

    Can you do a slab serif version?

    • Merriweather says:

      Funny you should ask – I have done some experiments to see if it would work and it does. I am looking forward to getting that version out as well. 🙂

  11. Looks like Google have swapped the Roman for the Italic! Or is it just me?

  12. 0gres says:

    I’m doing some preliminary testing, and Merriweather italic looks fantastic!

    I do notice, however, that it has slightly larger line spacing than the other weights of the font. That isn’t a deal-breaker, but it’s annoying to press CTRL-I and watch a line grow slightly wider.

  13. Merriweather says:

    There is a new standard height/line There is a new standard height/line height. This will come in with the regular when the serif update arrives. So eventually they will match again.

  14. Fantastic! Thanks for your work on it. I was looking forward to this for a while!

  15. rhabans says:

    Love this project.

    But fyi, as of this writing, it looks like Google has just replaced the “normal” weight with the italic instead of adding a “normal italic”.

    • Merriweather says:

      I have been looking at how to reproduce this but I have not been able to. Do you still see that?

  16. I’m seeing all 8 variations on Google now. Great font – thanks so much for it. Looking forward to the sans italics showing up, too!

    • Merriweather says:

      I am excited to see them go live too. The Sans italics may be my favorite part of the whole project.

      The revision of the serif has been really roaring along for a week now. This next serif version is going to be so much better!

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