Merriweather Serif with Cyrillic, extended Latin, and hinting has shipped to Google!

Merriweather version 1.5 with Cyrillic, extended Cyrillic, and extended Latin – and hinting – has shipped to Google! There may be some improvements to the italics so their weight is a bit better with the romans in the next month but this is a huge upgrade in usability. I am very excited to see how people use it. This version also has support for Romanian and Moldovian localization in Open type features. A variety of bugs were also killed in this release especially the colon ‘:’ bug in bold. Although I suspect that nobody will notice nearly every glyph is improved in some way in this edition.


About Merriweather

Merriweather: a type family being developed by Eben Sorkin.
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43 Responses to Merriweather Serif with Cyrillic, extended Latin, and hinting has shipped to Google!

  1. The previous version (1.003) of roman/upright Merriweather in all weights missed Czech and Slovak glyphs Č, č, Ď, ď, Ě, ě, Ĺ, ĺ, Ľ, ľ, Ť, ť (Ccaron, ccaron, Dcaron, dcaron, etc.), though they are available in all italic weights (and really well drawn, I must say). Will these glyphs be available in the upright fonts in version 1.5?

  2. 0gres says:

    Have you considered refining Merriweather into a slab serif version, Merriweather Slab? Or perhaps you might convert Merriweather Sans into a monospaced font?

    If I made a monospaced version, I wouldn’t call it “Merriweather Mono”—I’d call it “Overcast”, which is the opposite of “Merry weather”.

    • Merriweather says:

      I have a really slab oriented version in the works. I can’t decide if it is really a family member or not yet. The curves seem to have to change with the slabs. I would like to make a Mono again. Overcast is a funny name although I have to admit that if I did make a mono I would probably call it “Merriweather Mono”.

  3. Hi, I really like this font – it’s extremely readable in block text esp. as a serif font, comes in many variants and supports Polish glyphs. Unfortunately I found a few glyphs missing in regular versions which are present in italics: ś, ć, ź, Ś, Ć. Seems like a random omission. Second thing is once I installed the font on my system (XP SP3), the normal 400 webfont displays as italic. Even here everything is in italic now 🙂

    • Merriweather says:

      The Google version is about to be updated but I can email you the new files. Is the Gmail account I see where you would like this sent?

      • Yes, you can send them to this account if that’s not a problem. Thank you very much!

      • Merriweather says:

        Do you need them for screen and print? Are you using Windows or something else? If it is Windows I betters send TTFs if it is some thing else then PS OTFs may be better.

      • Ilia Markov says:

        Hello Eben,

        I downloaded a WordPress theme that uses your font for my blog, but since it is in Bulgarian and uses the cyrillic alphabet, the font is not being displayed. I was looking for alternative fonts to use, but I really like Merriweather and since I found this blog and realized you’ve already completed a Cyrillic update of the font, I was wondering whether you’d be willing to e-mail it to me too.

        As I need it for my blog, I only need it for displays, but I use both Windows and MacOS, so sending both file types would be greatly appreciated.

        Thanks for your great work!

      • Merriweather says:

        Sorry I missed your not until today. I will be emailing you a copy of the font. It does not have Bulgarian localization for the Cyrillic yet. I hope that is OK. Best wishes!

      • Ilia Markov says:

        Thanks a lot for getting back to me. I think localization shouldn’t be a problem as Bulgarian alphabet uses only the standard Cyrillic symbols, but I’ll let you know if there are any issues, if you’d like me to.

      • Merriweather says:

        Yes, I would like to hear back. I know that Bulagrian uses Cyrillic but there are some version of the letter such as б that are sometimes designed differently for Bulgarian use. If you scroll down to the bottom of this page you can see examples of this.

        What is your opinion about this? Do you live in Bulgaria? Do you see those localizations much?

      • Ilia Markov says:

        Thanks a lot for sending me the fonts!

        As to localizations, I cannot say I keep this much attention, but there are some inconsistencies in the link you provided. For example for the letter ‘be’ we use the regular ‘б’ sign (indeed the text points out there is a localization in the Serbian/Macedonian version).

        As to the letter L, I’ve definitely seen both versions used, but k is never written like that in Bulgarian – it’s always ‘к’. I think most of the proposed localization variants come from handwritten Bulgarian, here is an example of how the alphabet is taught to children:

        In any case I’m testing the font and it looks great so far! 🙂 I’ll keep you posted.

      • Hi Eben! First of all, I really love your font, many thanks! Unfortunately, since the website I use Merriweather on contains Polish surnames, so far I’ve been experimenting with the sans version. I’ve just come across your post, though, and I was wondering if you could still share the files with the glyphs missing from Google Fonts (ś or ź, for example). Thanks anyway! Best, Maciek

  4. Ivan Magic says:


    I am choosing a thin serif font on Google fonts and Merriweather is the only one I like 🙂 but it is missing some characters in Croatian(usually latin extended) that I need to use. I would be very much grateful if you find the time to update these characters (Capital C-hachek, Lowercase C-hachek, Capital C-acute, Lowercase C-acute, Capital D-stroke, Lowercase D-stroke).
    Very good job anyway!
    Thank you in advance and Best Regards,

  5. Hi! I love your font, and I’m using it for a couple of sites. I was looking for the version with Cyrillic (Russian) characters, and I can’t seem to find it on Google Fonts or Font Squirrel. Could you point me in the right direction please?

    Many thanks.

    • Merriweather says:

      I don’t know when Google will make it live. I can’t seem to get a date from them. Font squirrel will have it soon but other work has delayed the Font Squirrel version going out. My best guess now is maybe 2-3 weeks from now Font Squirrel will have it. I’ll post to this forum when I sent it to Font Squirrel.

      • Hi, Thanks very much for your reply. Is there any chance you could send me a copy with the Cyrillic characters? I’ve seen you suggest that before in the comments above.

        It would be a big help – but if not I’ll just have to wait for the Font Squirrel version.


  6. Merriweather says:

    I am absolutely slammed with other Google work and making custom versions of Merriweather for clients right now – and I am making some additional changes to the Cyrillic again with feedback from some of the people who got it earlier. I think at this point in the process I would prefer to get a good free copy out to everybody when it is done. Nobody dislikes how long it is taking more than me. My solace is knowing how much better it is about to be.

  7. Hello, where can I download a new version of the font with Cyrillic. I could not find. Thank you!

    • Merriweather says:

      I have been improving the Cyrillic for the last few weeks. I am not sure yet when it will be ready. It is very busy in the studio just now. I hope to be done sometime in the next two-three weeks.

  8. Hi, I would love to use the Cyrillic version on a project. Sorry to keep pestering – is there any progress on the updated version?

    Appreciate all your work, cheers.

  9. Yigit Aktan says:


    I purchased a wordpress theme that use Merriweather on google fonts. But the Turkish letters look like different. I think Merriweather does not support some of Turkish letters yet ? Do you have a plan to add these letters (ğ, ş) ? Just two letters that need to be fix.


    • Merriweather says:

      These letters are coming. I think that wordpress pulls straight from Google so the update should be there in 2 weeks or so I think. I’ll see if I can conform that this is what wordpress does. If it isn’t then I’ll want to push the update directly to them as well.

  10. Hi, @Merriweather. How soon Cyrillic version will be available on Google? I can’t find it 😦

  11. Hi @Merriweather , I am student of architecture form Bosnia , I really like your font and would like to use it in all of my school works , but I miss few letters in Regular and Light … Those letters are : ŠĐČĆŽ like capital and small ones : šđčćž . Thanks for help . Best regards from Sarajevo

    • Merriweather says:

      Based on What Google says these should be live sometime in January. I may be able to send you the files to use directly as well. Please check back with me in 1-2 weeks.

  12. Tnx a lot , I am very happy cause of that & the fastest i get this it will be better . Tnx for very nice Christmas gift 😀 Wish you all best for Christmas & new year @Merriweather

  13. Dave Whitley says:

    Hi Eben, I see that Google Fonts still shows v1.1 without language support. Based on your most recent comment, Google should’ve update the font in January 2015. Any news on this? Sounds like Google is really slow to update your font! If there is still no word, is it possible to send us the files? We’d like to use the updated font in the WordPress apps.

  14. Hello Sorkin, please tell me if this font has support for characters like îățș from Romanian Language, when i go to typekit they render these characters but when i try in photoshop and web use they don’t show up , they are changed to Myriad….

  15. schillingklaus says:

    Is there a difference between the google version and the texlive version of Merriweather and Merriweather Sans?

    • Merriweather says:

      I don’t know. I am going to have to look up texlive. It is true that we pushed a new version live in in Dec and we are about to do it again. It would be good if Textlive updates to the latest version.

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