Cyrillics update – 2 images

cyrillic glyphs

cyrillic glyphs

Merriweather substituted


About Merriweather

Merriweather: a type family being developed by Eben Sorkin.
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13 Responses to Cyrillics update – 2 images

  1. rubenverborgh says:

    Hi Eben, looks very nice and consistent with the Latin. I wonderedโ€ฆ can you actually read a Cyrillic language, and if not, how do you judge the end result? Just by form and kerning?

  2. ashtarbalynestry says:

    That looks beautiful!
    I have a few comments, though, from an aesthetic perspective. (I don’t know the name of any of the letters involved, so I’ll just give the Unicode codepoints)
    1. I’ve never seen U+04AF or U+04B1 at x-height. The vertical line should be a descender.
    2. U+04E1 should also descend below the baseline, mostly to keep it distinct from lowercase ze. The capital U+04E0 would look better with a serif on the bottom.
    3. It’s hard to tell exactly what U+0506 and U+0507 are. As far as I know, the letter is actually derived from ze with an upwards-curving tail, so that is what it should be based on. The tails on the Komi letters ิ‚ ิ„ ิˆ ิŠ ิŒ ิŽ should be identical.
    4. Also, if ร† has a vertical middle line, then I imagine that ะ‰ should too.

    • Merriweather says:

      I somehow missed all this great feedback! I’ll incorporate it into the next version for sure. Thank you!

  3. Merriweather says:

    I had a chance to go over your points now.

    1) U+04AF or U+04B1 I have not been able to find fonts that don’t have these rising to x height. Also they do descend already so I am a but puzzled. A technical side note: I decided to extend the descending parts by a few units into the blue zone to improve rendering.

    2) I agree. Excellent point. I have corrected it.

    3) I can’t seem to find any fonts that match your assertion. I do that there is a glyph which rises in the manner you advocate. It is the one you use in the comment. It seems to be a different unicode point however. I have included 0507 and 0506. You are suggesting in effect Uni+0504 and 0504. It may be worth explaining that the extend Cyrillic I have included is based on PT Serif. I used their ideas about what would be most useful and then extended it a bit further. Here are all the letters contrasting. – ิ„ vs. ิ† – ิ… vs ิ‡ – I could include these others but I would want to beleive that they might be used at some point. Many letters that exist in Unicode are not and so making them is a fool’s errand. Actually some of what I already have may qualify!

    4) Lucida Grande does make the shape descend lower than I do but My design is in keeping with the majority of serious designs including Consolas, Calibri, Times New Roman, Iowan Old Style, Segoe, Open Sans and so on. With the majority of these I know who consulted on them and I respect them so I think I had better leave that alone for now.

    Again, Thanks for the crit!

    • ashtarbalynestry says:

      What characters are you talking about on 4.? My fourth critique was about the different central bars on 04D4 and 0409, not about any descender.

  4. Merriweather says:

    I don’t mean to say descender – I mean to refer to the middle stem. The stem shape seen in Lucida stays straight for a long time as the stroke comes down and is asymmetrical. This asymmetrical solution does not seem at all common. Instead a U shape is much more common. I would be interested to see why this is wrong if it is. However I have not seen evidence so far.

    • ashtarbalynestry says:

      The main problem, I think, is that only a few fonts use a lambda shape for El, and they differ in the treatment of Lje. On my system, Bookman Old Style and Palatino Linotype have a straight stem, and Franklin Gothic and Garamond have a diagonal stem. There’s nothing wrong with the diagonal stem; it just looks weird and inconsistent alongside 04D4.
      By the way, what stem does Latin capital AE have? In the version of the font that is currently being used on this site, it seems to have a diagonal central stem. Have you changed it to a vertical stem and used the same glyph for the Cyrillic AE, or did you create a vertical-stem version of the letter and assigned it to the Cyrillic, keeping the Latin with a diagonal middle stem?

  5. Merriweather says:

    I think I know at least part of the answer to the AE mystery. The AE (ร†) in Merriweather has a vertical middle stem not a diagonal one. I am not sure why you would see something different on the site but maybe it is a unicode issue or some other factor is causing a font substitution. Since you are advocating for a vertical stem in AE that’s fine. The Cyrillic unicode code point has a copy of the latin glyph in it. So that’s fine too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Merriweather says:

    Is that for the Cyrillic unicode point (04D4) or the Latin (00C6)? If it is the Latin too then maybe WordPress is using a truncated or reduce glyph set. If it is the Cyrillic it is because Google has still not made the Cyrillic live.

  7. Merriweather says:

    Is the Google version installed on your computer? If so it should override whatever Google has. That is great or speed but is n’t great when it comes to updating the files. Updates are not seen when you have local files installed.

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