Merriweather Sans Italics are live

Merriweather Sans Italics are live

Merriweather Sans Italics have been added by Google. They are live. 🙂

If anyone has URLs to show me how they are using this addition please let me know!

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Cyrillics are coming to Merriweather and Merriweather Italic

Cyrillics are coming to Merriweather and Merriweather Italic. I will post images as I make progress.

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Merriweather Italic is live

The italics for the serif version of Merriweather are live!


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The Sans Serif italics have shipped to Google.


The Sans Serif italics have shipped to Google. I am not sure when they will go live as usual but perhaps sometime in the next week or two. Although as always I still see things I would like to improve over all I am very happy with them. Maybe happier than with the rest of the family at this point. The glyph set match the extensive set seen in the Sans. The Serif will be updated next so that it has this larger glyph set as well.

Here are some screen grabs to give you a sense of what the fonts will be like when they go live at Google Fonts.

You may have to click on each one to see it properly

The first is the web site

Here I have replaced their fonts with Merriweather Sans Book and Merriweather Sans Italic.




Keeping the German theme here is the Lufthansa airlines web site altered to use only Merriweather Italic and the Extra Bold Italic



Here is a zoomed section showing a bit more detail in the glyphs



I expect that I will post at least one round of bug fixes this year so if anyone does find problems or has suggestions please do let me know.

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Merriweather Italic has shipped to Google

Merriweather Italic has shipped to Google. It supports a wide range of languages and is hinted with TTFA for better legibility on Windows and in FreeType. This edition comes in 4 weights: light, regular, bold and heavy.

A revised version of the original Serif design will be next followed by Merriweather Sans Italic.

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Merriweather Sans is live on Google fonts

Merriweather Sans is live on Google fonts

I’ll be interested to hear your reactions and to see URLs where it is used. Thanks!

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Merriweather Sans and the basic weight of Merriweather Italic are done

Merriweather Sans in 4 weights and the 1st weight of Merriweather Italic have been released to Google. These editions covers all of the Adobe Latin 3 glyph set. It is quite broad. My guess is that you should see them in 1-2 weeks. I hope to have the full re-released of the serif out complete with support for more languages and windows hinting off to Google later this week. Thanks for everybody’s patience! Support for vietnamese will have to wait until the next edition. I am sorry about that.

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Gelasio samples

Here are some mac rendering samples of Gelasio.

When the letterforms are large it is fairly easy to tell the two apart. When they are small it may be more difficult but there is still a clear difference in personality. In print this difference is quite obvious even at small text sizes.

Gelasio large

Georgia large

When the letterforms are large it is fairly easy to tell the two apart.



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A short intensive course on type design Feb 2-4 2012 – Boston

I am teaching at Crafting Type, a 3 day intensive course on type design in Boston area. It is from Feb 2-4 2012. It will be held at the MIT Media Lab.

If you are interested or have questions feel free to be in touch.

If you want to tweet about it – please do!

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New web site for Sorkin Type

I have recently made a new web site for sorkin type. It is in many ways a placeholder for what’s coming ( a store and blog ) but it provides some context for Merriweather and shows some of the new shapes Merriweather is taking on and some of the other font design projects that have stolen time away from Merriweather.

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