The Sans Serif italics have shipped to Google.


The Sans Serif italics have shipped to Google. I am not sure when they will go live as usual but perhaps sometime in the next week or two. Although as always I still see things I would like to improve over all I am very happy with them. Maybe happier than with the rest of the family at this point. The glyph set match the extensive set seen in the Sans. The Serif will be updated next so that it has this larger glyph set as well.

Here are some screen grabs to give you a sense of what the fonts will be like when they go live at Google Fonts.

You may have to click on each one to see it properly

The first is the web site

Here I have replaced their fonts with Merriweather Sans Book and Merriweather Sans Italic.




Keeping the German theme here is the Lufthansa airlines web site altered to use only Merriweather Italic and the Extra Bold Italic



Here is a zoomed section showing a bit more detail in the glyphs



I expect that I will post at least one round of bug fixes this year so if anyone does find problems or has suggestions please do let me know.

About Merriweather

Merriweather: a type family being developed by Eben Sorkin.
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9 Responses to The Sans Serif italics have shipped to Google.

  1. ashtarbalynestry says:

    I’m still waiting for the new roman serif. I’m eager to use the entire font family on my website, but I need the Latin-Extended A characters, especially in the main body.
    — Fernando Lamadrid

  2. 0gres says:

    Looking really good! It’s interesting that the f doesn’t have a tail like the serif italic.

    I’m curious: I notice that Merriweather and Merriweather Sans seem to share some design characteristics with FF Milo and FF Milo Serif. Were you at all influenced by these fonts?

    • Merriweather says:

      Interesting! Yes, I can see where you would say that. Both fonts have semi-low contrast and clearly humanist contrasts at work. Some of the construction is similar too. Actually, no, I built the Sans by looking at the Serif and deciding how they would work as companions. I think if you set a line or better still a page of text you would see their feeling or vibe is quite different even if you matched x heights and line space. Despite taking on more contrast than is typical Milo is much more constructed and cold and detached whereas Merriweather is warmer and more passionate. Now that you have pointed this out I’ll have a look at them when I return to editing again and see what if anything is worth doing to maintain my distance.

      • 0gres says:

        Milo does have some slightly informal characteristics — for example, look at w, K, R, or the stroke ending in the middle of the m.

  3. Hi
    I am trying to use your Merriweather Sans and find that the 700 font-weight is not rendering correctly in IE 7 and 8. Open Sans does render correctly so it seems that Google may have done something wrong when serving your Merriweather Sans font to IE 7 and 8.

    You can see my two example pages here:

    Merriweather Sans font

    Open Sans font

    You can see that in the Merriweather Sans example in IE 7 and 8 it renders the font weight 700 as faux bold whereas in the Open Sans example IE 7 and 8 render the font weight 700 correctly from the font file.

    My source code is identical in both files other than the font name. I am using one font-weight per ‘link’ as recommended for IE 7 and 8

    Here are screenshots of the page in IE7 and firefox for comparison

    I hope it can be sorted or someone can let me know if I’ve made a stupid mistake in my code


  4. ww says:

    Thanks for a great font. Excited to see that italics are coming.

    It seems there may be a glitch in the way that Google is serving up the font to IE.

    It seems that font weight 700 is being rendered as faux bold in IE 7 and 8

    I have tried using the same code with Open Sans weight 700 and it renders fine in IE7 and 8 so I’m assuming Google is not serving the Merriweather font weight 700 correctly to IE

    Two test pages both using the same code except for font name (Merriweather and Open Sans):

    For those of you without IE to test, screen shots of the differences between FF and IE7 / 8


    • ww says:

      Sorry for duplicate post above – I thought it got lost

      I have done lots more testing, Have got the code that google is serving up to ie for fontweight 700.

      Have dropped that into my code and played around.

      I downloaded the Google .eot file to my local PC and used that instead of the call to Google. Still no joy.

      I downloaded the .eot file from Fontsquirrel and it works!

      So the conclusion is there is something wrong with the fontweight 700 .eot file on the Google servers.

      So how does one go about getting Google to fix their .eot file?

      By the way the .eot file of the italic fontweight 700 works fine in ie (and looks stunning – thank you)

  5. sonikaparmar says:

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