Merriweather is live

Merriweather is live!

Note! There is nothing beyond auto hinting right now, so it is not going to look perfect on PCs until it is hinted by hand. But it will be! It will just take a little time.


About Merriweather

Merriweather: a type family being developed by Eben Sorkin.
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11 Responses to Merriweather is live

  1. joyfulworker says:

    This is a gorgeous font. It’s by far my favorite open font — better than Droid I think. I combed Font Squirrel and Google fonts and this is easily the most beautiful of all.

  2. janschultink says:

    Hi, this font is great. Why does it look great on Mac/iPad and really bad on PC (Chrome)? I would love to use it on my Blogger blog: to replace the Georgia.

  3. Merriweather says:

    Thanks for asking! You will be able to replace Georgia with Merriweather fairly soon. By which I mean in a few months. The reason Merriweather doesn’t look good on PCs ( unless it is very big perhaps e.g. 36 px +) is that it is not hinted yet. Microsoft operating systems require that a font have extra information in order for a font to render well at text sizes. That extra information is called hinting. The catch is that hinting should not be applied to a font until the design is final. The reason is that you have to do over again if you change the design.

    Why was Merriweather released while it is unfinished? Google had the idea that it might be good to have a font which people could respond to and make requests about. And this is working – recently someone asked for a Euro symbol. I will be adding that. You can make requests too.

    This idea meant that they wanted a beta version right away. So I gave them one in late Dec. A new and improved version of Merriweather which renders even better on macs and linux will be arriving soon. And as soon as those outlines are considered definite then they will receive the next step in text face font development – hinting for Windows.

  4. janschultink says:

    I understand, but I would get it out in 2 phases, one now and one in a few months. A workable PC font is much more important than Euro signs. Google has included it into the Blogger template designer, many Mac users wil not know it does not render on PCs.

  5. Merriweather says:

    The regular roman will be fixed in the way you wish soonest. After that additional weights and styles will come out as well. Each of these will be hinted within a few months after the main design is released. It is likely that the next release will be hinted twice. Once in a rough way and again to make refinements. Do you have any other requests?

  6. Merriweather says:

    I am also interested in what it is you like and don’t like about the font’s design.

  7. janschultink says:

    Not really much too say, really like it (hence my post).

    From a PowerPoint/presentation designer and blogger perspective:
    – A good readable 12/14pt (got that covered I think)
    – Actually a very heavy version, not a regular bold. Works better in screens and in display-type designs (for example I use Helvetica light and Helvetica heavy a lot in combination)
    – A nice bullet point that is not too light, and not too heavy
    – Hardly every use italic (probably a lot of work for you)
    – In the absence of a sans serif, your recommendation what existing open source sans serif font goes well with Merriweather

    But really: get the 12/14pt version out for PC ASAP. That’s the most important.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Merriweather says:

      We will definitely have both a solid bold as well as a heavy. These will have strong contrast to the light for just the reasons you indicate. They need to make it possible to make clear semantic distinctions for UI and for indicating changes in status in text. Please note that if they don’t meet your needs you should feel free to complain. We can change things. That is one of the great aspects of this project.

      Which bullet points get it right in your view?

      Regarding a Sans to match prior to a Merriweather Sans coming out. I would have to say Droid sans, Arimo, Nobile or PT Sans. These are all available for free from the Google font Directory and they all have fairly large x heights which is the first thing a font will need to pair well with Merriweather. I would be interested to hear if you are satisfied and if not why. I will be able to use that information as I am making Merriweather sans.

      Thanks again for giving me feedback. It is very helpful.

  8. Jan Schultink says:

    I have no specific bullet in mind. I sometimes see that bullet points in Blogger are too heavy.

  9. I am looking to use Merriweather as a heading and pairing up a sans serif for body text. I was thinking about Open Sans. Does that have a large enough x height to match up with Merriweather well? I know that I could also use Merriweather Sans, but I am liking the look of Open Sans for web readability.

    • Merriweather says:

      If you find that OpenSans is desirable to mix with Merriweather you could scale one of the fonts to help match the x heights more precisely. So for instance if you are using one font at 1.2em you might make the other 1.25em or 1.15 etc. Merriweather Sans is meant to related closely and for some designs you want or need more contrast in style. The other things to be aware of is that the line spacing of the two fonts is different so when you work out what your x height matching scheme is then you may want to sort out a line space matching too.

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