New web site for Sorkin Type

I have recently made a new web site for sorkin type. It is in many ways a placeholder for what’s coming ( a store and blog ) but it provides some context for Merriweather and shows some of the new shapes Merriweather is taking on and some of the other font design projects that have stolen time away from Merriweather.


About Merriweather

Merriweather: a type family being developed by Eben Sorkin.
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12 Responses to New web site for Sorkin Type

  1. 0gres says:

    Very well-designed site! May I suggest, however, that the body text be black instead of gray? It’s a bit hard to read in its present state.

  2. Love the site and the stunning new logo. I cannot wait for the release of Merriweather italic and sans!

  3. 0gres says:

    I’m very interested in how Gelasio will turn out; the free software community has needed a good replacement for Georgia for a while now. That is, assuming the fonts shown on the site will be free software.

  4. Merriweather says:

    From my testing it seems to be a pretty suitable. 🙂 It has a different feeling (as it should) and details but draws on the same period of design as Georgia does. This means that the angle of contrast is similar for instance. A difference which is neither better or worse is that Gelasio was made to be hinted by TTFA or TrueType Font Auttohint not with VTT. This has subtly affected the forms of the glyphs.

    Gelasio has more OpenType Features than Georgia to better support eastern European languages. There are downsides too. For instance Google only hired the Extended Latin done. So Gelasio will need Cyrillic and Greek to be completely comparable. Of course to be completely comparable with the extended Georgia made by Font Bureau it would need an even bigger style expansion!

    I am not sure if Google will make it available on Google web fonts. It may have other uses in mind.

    Like the other Sorkin Type fonts there will be a commercial version if the font is not expanded further by an Libre software funder.

  5. 0gres says:

    Lately, nearly every time I’ve been browsing through a list of fonts and found one that caught my eye, it’s been one by Sorkin Type. I can’t wait to see more styles.

  6. Merriweather says:

    The italics for both styles (serif and sans) are shipped now and should go live quite soon. I wish I had the power to turn them on! I am particularly pleased with the sans italics. I will post some screen shots soon. Consulting has been taking me away from posting here more regularly.

  7. Merriweather says:

    We actually increased the glyph count for Google without being paid for it in several cases already. When I am done with the contracts in place I may see if there are mechanisms to fund increased glyph count in other fonts as well but I doubt very much if all 60 fonts will reach the same glyph count as Merriweather. It is just too much work and in all honesty not all the fonts have done well enough in terms of use rates to merit that level of attention.

  8. Merriweather says:

    On the other hand it could probably be done if you find the funds for the enhancement and the designers don’t object. I won’t run against the will of the designer I work with.

  9. 0gres says:

    I thought I’d try to help you a little by extending Merriweather and Merriweather Bold to most of the Latin Extended-A block. You can download the files here and here. I hope this is useful.

    • Merriweather says:

      Wow. This is a decent start.

      There are some problems though. The first is that as it is all of that sort of thing (adding diacritics) is done already.

      The thing holding up the serif is a set of improvements that is more inherent or deeper in the design. So for example I have altered the “e” and the overall spacing spacing in the regular and the heavy is essentially completely re-drawn across the board. The glyph coverage is much bigger than this as well. I appreciate the effort though! And I will speed the update to the serif out to everyone ASAP.

      You should feel free to use these files if it is useful to you personally, however I want to encourage you not to distribute these as well. Will you take down the files?

      Here are the reasons I am asking you to do this. These files are not also as efficient as they need to be for Google and some of the diacritics will class with the lines above and there are other design problems as well.

      But there is a bigger problem as well. Because you are not distributing the files without the EULA you are breaking the agreement under which Google and I provide these files to you. It looks like bad faith.

      I have other reason to request this too. If they are left up they will proliferate and eventually I will be asked about them later when someone says “Why is this version out there with no EULA?” or “Why does your font have overlapping shapes that are not merged?!” or “why to do the diacritics clash with the lines above?” or whatever – and I will have to say “well there was this guy with the email “” and he made this version…” etc. I don’t want to have those conversations and end up complaining if I don’t have to.

      I apologize if this sounds like a lot of complaining after you went to all this trouble. I don’t mean for it to be. But sometimes good intentions don’t have the effect that is intended. I think that would be the case if the files are left up.

      If I want to extend other Sorkin Type designs would be interested in working on those instead?

      • 0gres says:

        Sorry about that; I understand completely! I’m such a fool for violating the license like that.

        Unfortunately, I didn’t save the deletion link, so I can’t delete them. But I see you’ve removed the links, so they should never be downloaded again. And you can’t find DataFileHost files with a search engine; try it yourself. Not even I remember their URLs as I saved them only in those links you have removed. Please don’t terminate my license, but if you do, at least I’ll still have Merriweather Sans.

        I would definitely be willing to extend the diacritics of new fonts, but you could probably do it yourself: the free and open source font editor FontForge has a feature that allows you to build accented glyphs automatically, via Element > Build Accented Glyph. I used it to create all the new diacritics of that heathen font.

        As for characters that actually require drawing of Bezier curves: unfortunately, I’m no typographer. I tried it myself once, and I quickly found that I don’t have the patience to shift a point unit by unit until it forms a perfectly straight line. I did produce about 75% of the basic alphabet, but the characters weren’t harmonious and the overall idea was flawed.

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