Missing weights in IE

There is also a problem that the lightest and heaviest weights do not render in IE even in the latest version on Windows 7. This isn’t a problem with the fonts per se. Not at all – I know this because a re-named font renders just fine in IE. So I am thinking of trying to find a way to make the weights accessible. Maybe Merriweather should be split into two family names to make that work. How important is this to you?


About Merriweather

Merriweather: a type family being developed by Eben Sorkin.
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One Response to Missing weights in IE

  1. saltlakejohn says:

    MERRIWEATHER interests me greatly. Nice weight and a lovely balance. Rhythm seems perfect in a large block, like a post or paragraph. I am very fond of the serifs — with a little bit of taper to ease up the slabs. Currently, I use Bonum (a Bookman Old Style from GUST/TeX Gyre), but I’m thinking MERRIWEATHER Regular would lighten and freshen my screen pages. I do, however, incline toward faces with a higher contrast between Roman and Italic which I need for frequent foreign words or phrases, and for thoughts and internal dialog my characters can’t reveal aloud.

    I depend on FontSquirrel.com, partly because of the “kit” convenience, but mainly because of how easily I can subset a font to dramatically reduce file-sizes for @font-face use. I disdain websites that download a grundle of half-meg files on the off-chance someone in Peking or Kiev may want to browse them.

    Splitting the MERRIWEATHER family into two or more distinct groups makes sense to me. Other fonts do that. If a person doesn’t really need Light or Black, no need to have them balled in with the Regular and Italic.

    Thank you for all your work.

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